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Finding 'Verse

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Name:Finding 'Verse
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:a community designed for those wishing to find a familiar face
» Welcome to Finding Verse, a community designed for those wishing to find a familiar face.
» All plurals are welcome here. However! Role-play is not the purpose of this community. Do not use this community as a means to find it.
» Locating someone from your specific 'verse is highly unlikely, therefore restrictions of 'I am seeking MY [person]' are discouraged. Consider yourself blessed if you do, indeed, find the exact person you once knew. It's far more likely you'll find a familiar face with many inherent differences.
» Correct grammar is a must. If the moderators are unable to read what you've written, your post will be deleted.
» Tags, tags, tags! If your tag already exists, please attach it to your post! Multiple requests from various canons are allowed, though use your discretion when it comes to lj-cuts. Should a moderator ask you to cut your post, do so.
» No 'funny business' will be allowed. Keep your inquiries serious and to-the-point. The moderators of this community are under the assumption that you'll use this community in order to make connections with others. Prove otherwise and your post(s) will be deleted. Further measure will result in your removal from the community.
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» Please do not leave questions or comments in the personal journals of the moderators. Use the PM system - thank you!

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